Monday, July 14, 2014


C R A Y!

        This week was soooooo gooood! I don't even know where to start! I just love missionary work. I don't ever want this experience to end.

         It's crazy when I think about how long i've been in Pocatello, coming on to 10 months! and will be here guarantee for another transfer. I honestly could serve here for the rest of my mission. I know pretty much the whole town! i've had so many connections and so many friends here I hope I don't leave, and if do, I hope I get to come back before I go. Its getting hotter, but we're spoiled with our car AND we just got a window AC unit in our bedroom!!! sooooo stoked we were sleeping in the living room cuz its so hot all day and night. But now it feels like Antarctica in our room!

          We had some really awesome lessons this week. We met with our friend Cord, he is so awesome!  We had a really great discussion about "aspiring to the honors of men" D&C 121:35. He was judged all his life growing up in the church because he was doing his own thing. He talked about how he was never really accepted by his peers and how sometimes someone has to "click the accept button" to be your friend or not. We talked about how no matter what, no matter who you are God never has a choice to click that button, because he has already accepted us before we were even born. And always, always accepts us no matter what our decisions are in this life. We talked about how a lot of youth these days are controlled by facebook posts, how many likes and followers you got on instagram, and how we all wake up and the first thing we do is check our "news feed".  This had a lot of relation to me because I was an instagram junky and cared more about the likes and the follows to where it controlled what I did that day, whether or not "it would look sick on instagram". Being on my mission and seeing the bigger picture that mentality doesn't seem appealing to me any more and how I don't want it to control what I wanna do, to impress my friends or random people I don't even know. It's kinda silly how upset we get when someone unfollows or when the number of likes we get don't satisfy us hahah. It was a great conversation and I hope that it sticks with me even after the mission. But I am a true believer of doing your own thing and not caring what other people think. But to use social media to uplift, inspire and serve...
           There was a motto that was added that day to my list of things I strive to live by.  The first two Inspired by one of my Best Friends and the new one by Cord.

To Create and Inspire
To express not impress
To be a servant not a slave

hope none of ya took offence or think the social media thing was dumb or if it even made sense, but you know what im talking about ;)

       Yesterday was soooo special. We went to all of our church meetings and had a fun dinner with one of our high council man. But the Highlight was taking Jaque to the Keller families baptism.
         This family was taking the discussions for a year and a half now and after much struggle the family of 4 was baptized last night. There were about 200 people there and was one of the most beautiful experiences i've ever witnessed.
         All the talks and testimonies were perfect for Jaque to hear! It was meant for her! She has a date to be baptized this Saturday but still isn't sure but we have faith and we know she will receive her answer before then.
         The whole family went up and shared their testimony but the best one and by far one of the most touching testimonies i've ever heard was from the 10 year old daughter.
      She walked up and stood on her little stool behind the podium with her teddy bear and said something along these lines, I cant remember I was to focused on how I felt and the tears coming down.

 "after I came out of the water everything looked so beautiful and pretty, I am so grateful for the church and for this opportunity, it means so much to me."

I wish you could have been there. I could never repeat a testimony so perfect as little Casey's.

Jaque loved the baptism, I know she will be baptized if not this Saturday, the next.

I love every minute of missionary work. I wish I could express exactly how I feel about the wonderful experiences i've had this week. the only thing I could think of is you going out and  sharing the gospel yourself. I promise you these sorts of overwhelming moments of pure joy will enter into you life.

never send me home, I love you all and hope you find someone to share the gospel with this week. So you can feel the way I do everyday. :)

Stoked to Serve

Elder Soren

BTDUBBs I met cabers companion, elder perish!!!!! so sick small world

little Casey and I

My Highland Sisters!

Elder Palfreman

Elders Bebee & Soren…crutches?

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