Monday, August 31, 2015


I’m sorry for not writing for the last 2 weeks :(

These past few weeks have been awesome. Elder Brooks is my new companion. He’s from Mesa Arizona. He is good friends with Elder Thomas one of my favorite companions. Elder Brooks is sooooo awesome! We get along so well and have a ton of fun while we work. He’s humble and ready to learn. He’s down to do anything. I try to give him every opportunity to do uncomfortable things and he willingly does it and does it well. He has such an amazing testimony, very powerful. He is such a good teacher too; I always have to remind my self that he’s only been out for 3 weeks. I am so grateful to have him as a companion. 

We’ve been really busy with those we are teaching. Unfortunately Caitlin and Alberto might be baptized after I go home due to their wedding being moved. But that’s okay. As long as they are ready and receive the blessings of baptism soon after I go, I am still so happy. They are such a rad couple and I’ve really grown to love them. Caitlin is like a big sister, its weird to think about, haha, I felt like I always had older brothers like Izik, and Aaron Puzey. But never an older sister! 

We’ve also been teaching The Christensen family I dunno if I’ve mentioned them before. They are such an awesome family. None of the kids have been baptized; we hope before I leave they will be. They are the sweetest kids ever. Always well behaved when we come over and love the lessons. They have been gone to Utah for 3 weeks so we weren’t able to see them for a while. When they came back we saw them at a family BBQ and the littlest one Harper who is 6 saw me and ran up and gave me a hug. It was so sweet. I love the Christensen's we always have fun lessons with them.

Another awesome kid were teaching is Demitri Kraus he’s 16 and was adopted from Russia when he was little and has been here in the valley for a while. He loves the Book of Mormon. He keeps it on in his center console and reads it when he feels down. He’s awesome, he has a ton of friends and they all support him. Yesterday at church it seemed like the whole football team was there haha it was cool. Demitri wants to be baptized hopefully on Oct. 10th he just needs to ask his mom so she will let him. Prayers would definitely help Demitri with asking his mom!

Life has been soooooo goood in Driggs. I’ve bin so happy, so many great people who I’ve come love here and relationships that I will always cherish. Friends and Family I’ll always come back to visit. 

My perspective on missionary work has always been the same but I feel like the true spirit of missionary work has been clear as I prepare to return home. Numbers don’t matter, recognition for anything doesn’t matter, social or mission status doesn’t matter. Just pure love for everyone around me. Serving the people whole and not worrying about pressure from others. Priority is to serve who ever, whenever, and whatever. Preaching works 15% of the time. Loving works 100% of the time. The times when I’ve let #s be my motive I was unhappy; when love was my motive I had joy in the journey. Love is and will always be key in missionary work, full time and member. 

This week was awesome we had Zone Conference and I was able to see so many of the missionaries that I love! All my friends from Rigby and Pocatello. It was such a great zone conference, so much inspiration and answers to my prayers. You definitely need to put yourself in places where you can have the opportunity to receive answers. Spiritual places. 

I’m going to miss all these wonderful opportunities :( the past few weeks, my mind has been playing reruns and memories of SO MUCH that has happen within the past 2 years that its crazy to realized EVERYTHING that happen here. This is one of the greatest blessings in my life. It’s hard to email cuz I’m bummed to leave. I keep my mind off of it by working but when you have dinners like last night where the wife lived with brother and sister Thompson in the Laie 2nd Ward and talk about POUNDERS, its hard not to think of home haha but I just go about it with a positive attitude. I love love my mission. I love these people. 

i hope to have more detail on experiences for next week.

i know our message is true

Stoked 2 Serve

Elder Soren

got to see Solomon and Coggins at Zone conference!

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