Monday, October 13, 2014

Another Home Away From Home

This week has been a good one.  The Leaves are changing and the air is getting cooler.  Stoked for winter to come!!!  I love the Seasons, but time goes way to quick.  I have no concept of time anymore i forget about how long i have left, i think its when i reached my half way mark that i just say over a year and leave it at that.  It's so weird.  I'm stoked to be here, lifes good.

Transfers are this week Elder Fontes and i are staying together!!  So stoked he's the man!  Pretty much our whole zone is changing companions.  Elder Thomas my 7 foot giant companion from a couple transfers ago is coming to be one of our District Leaders, that's gonna be fun! 

Elder Fontes and I have a baptism coming up on the 25th.  His name is Justin, he's 11 years old.  One of the smartest 11 year olds ever.  He explained in detail about the whole story of Noah's Ark and talks about all these science facts. He's hilarious in lessons. He says the most random stuff.  We gotta be careful about what we say because he'll go off on all these crazy funny random tangents about science and mythology haha. We love His family. His mom is so sweet. and his younger sister is so cute. Last night we ate dinner at their house it was soooo goooodd. SO fun, a ton of laughs and craziness. 
I love being able to teach families again. I love this family and it's so awesome. 

I found 3 Families from Laie!!!  The Togiai's, Tofa's and Falevai's (Hope i spelt um right) We were at the grocery store and i saw a "Da Hui" sticker on a jeep and i freaked out haha.  They were definitely from Hawaii no mistake!  The sister got out of her car and i ran up to her and started talking to her.  She said her Husband is from Laie and went to Kahuku. NUTS. She invited us over for dinner and it was AWESOME!  TONS of Food and Tons of KIDS.  It felt like home. I was in heaven!!!  They were so nice and said whenever we need food or something to come over. They invited us to Thanksgiving and Christmas haha.  i love them!  So cool to find connections back to Laie everywhere i go!  Home is never far away. 

I love my mission and i'm so happy to be here serving the Lord. The changes that are happening from within are so amazing. I want to do everything i can to be more converted to this wonderful gospel and serve for the rest of my life.

Stoked to Serve
Elder Soren 

Hay,hay,hay, Elder Soren & Elder Fontes in the country!

The Zone in Rigby, Idaho

Dinner with the 
Togiai's, Tofa's, & Falevai's 

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